Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thanks so much for all of the comments on the post below.
Thanks also for the phone calls, cards,
and to those who have seen me out in public and wished me well.
I appreciate your show of support and genuine care for my safety.
Here's a couple of things I do know for sure:

-we gotta get some mole t-shirts made!

-life will go on

-I check the mail with a new found sense of excitement.

-my life really is not nearly as exciting as my "stalker" probably thinks that it is (although Jack and I did go to dinner with Amber, RJ, and Heidi Lindemann last night and then came home to watch the AI season finale, but that's not a typical Tuesday)

-I have had more fun with this than the sender probably intended me to

-next time I decide to add someone to "my group", he/she must be an employee of CSI

-this story, with some work, should be adapted for the stage

Answers to these questions, I have none:

-I really do have no idea who sent the letter, I don't plan or need to dwell on that. Receiving this letter does not change in my mind (or the minds of the other victims) the people who are responsible for committing the crime of hacking into our e-mail accounts or those who participated in the crime by possessing and distributing the e-mails.

-I am not sure, but I would certainly hope that the letter was written that badly on purpose.

-No, I am not going to take it to the police station for fingerprinting.

-I am not scared for my life.

And on we go.

Not saying that I won't revisit this subject, but I got cute pictures of my kids to post, Jon and Kate are in serious trouble, and we are going to DISNEY WORLD!!!!

As always, I continue to be your ever faithful servant.

Sarah D.

Just a small town girl............................


Dora Jo said...

Sarah D! Does this mean I have to move on and stop sending you funny things on facebook:( Me and Aunt Patty were gonna go Mole Hunting! Fun Ruiner!

Kelley L. said...

OMG, screw the mole, I want to be in a glee club singing "Don't Stop Believing"

Sarah B. said...

That song is my favorite song to dance too...whenever I hear it I just dance, dance, dance. And right now I am at work so I don't think it is appropriate to watch the video because I will have to dance. But if I am having a rough day I know where to come back to make it all better. :)
And I love your get through it go girl!

Ashley and Evan said...

Girl, I already told you I have my very own fingerprinting kit. We don't need no stinkin police station.

What if I don't want you to move on from this subject. I can't get enough of it. I want to move to Newton just to be a part of the action.