Saturday, May 23, 2009

The annoying noise part two

If you are a regular blog reader you may recall my post a couple months ago about the annoying noise right outside my bedroom window.

We never did quite figure out what it was, but it eventually went away on its own.

Our house has a pool. An in ground pool. It needs a new liner and it is on order, but due to the recent torrential rainfall it may be a while before the liner gets installed. The pool is uncovered and is fairly full of rainwater.

The window less than a foot from my side of the bed opens directly onto the pool. Give the clip above a listen and you know what I hear every night. Closing the windows helps a little, but it is still very loud. I hate frogs, I am scared of frogs. I think they are taunting me.

(did I tell you we live in town? not on an island in the middle of a lake)

If you listen very closely you can also hear somewhat of a screeching sound. I have deduced that that must be a monkey.


Jen said...

Okay Sarah seriously how do you sleep with that,just listening to it here makes the hairs on my arms stand up!! My husband Andy heard it as well, he happens to have a degree in Herpatology, he thinks it is possibly leapord frogs- 2 males competing with each other- hope this helps!!!

kellyhemrich said...

That is BAD- I mean REALLY BAD!!!

Luke's Folks said...

Considering the fact that you have to deal with this and weirdo, psycho stalkers, I'm thinking you should be sainted anytime now.

hncfarley said...

definately frogs! Enjoy.

Tracie said...

I have a well trained ear and there is no doubt in my mind that the sound is several angry chimps plotting to invade your house at the right moment. If you listen closely you can hear complex military tactics being planned. If I were you, I would be planning a counter attack. Victory through superior fire power. You can do it. Be brave. Your family needs you. Bruce

Sarah D said...

Jen, Does Andy have any suggestions on how to get rid of them? Also, what does one do witha degree in Herpatology?

Maybe the Hemrich boys could come over and go frog hunting!

JenSue, it's funny you mentioned that. I got a letter from the Vatican the other day saying they were considering me for sainthood. It's all still up in the air, I'll let you know if it happens. I think there will be some sort of ceremony.

Bruce, I'm pretty sure it is a relative of Travis!

Luke's Folks said...

My husband Chip heard this on Monster Quest on the History Channel the other is a bipedal primate. Lock your windows. Big Foot is Back!

Jen said...

Okay so the frogs have been a topic of much debate and research at my house. Let me first explain what one can do with a degree in herpatology ( i was corrected by andy its actually a zoology dgree with a herpatology focus!!!). Andy always says he went to school to get educated..not a job ( that would be why he went back to school 2 more times so he could get a job!!!) After you get your zoology degree with a herptaology specialty you can go back to school and get a computer degree:):)and end up working as a systems admin...he likes to take the long way around!!! Andy has listened to many "frog calls" and takes back the leopard frog diagnosis only to give you a worse diagnosis.... they are for sure gray tree frogs...Bad news they probably arent even in your pool but possibly in any tree. So I ask how you would get rid of such a thing andy simply says "well you catch them Jen" My response "give me a freaking break you cant catch thoose things" Andys response..."oh well if they are the rare peace frogs go out with a white flag and they will come out, or maybe youll get lucky and they will be african bull frogs that you can catch by tying a chihuahua to the end of a rope" Yeah I know he is a smart a**.:) Hope this helps!!! Good Luck