Thursday, February 19, 2009

Product review

I have been cursed with short eyelashes. Jack has beautiful thick long eyelashes. Harrison's are already longer than mine. They get it from their Dad.

I am always on the hunt for something that will make my lashes appear longer than they are.
---by the way, did you know you could get eyelash extensions?

This is my latest find.....
I like this stuff a lot. I think it makes my eyelashes a little longer, but the best part is the removal!!! It does not come off until you wash it off. When you do wash it off it really comes off in little tubes. It kind of looks like all of your eyelashes came out on a wash cloth. Creepy at first, but enjoyable once you get used to it.


Ashley and Evan said...

I'm always looking for a great new mascara. I guess I didn't look close enough but is it waterproof?

Aubrey said...

Why do the boys get off so easy??

Sarah D said...

It is waterproof, but it comes off with just water-does that make sense?

Now black under the eye smudges if you leave it on overnight.

Pretty good stuff.

Tracie said...

How cool is that!