Thursday, February 19, 2009


Check out this story from the CBS morning news. The former Lori Stockwell of Wheeler, IL, now Lori Smith, is the mother of 4 kids ages 15 and under and live in Tennessee. Her kids are the singing group J4. J4 was just chosen to be part of a family singing competition on the CBS Morning Show!!

Lori spent lots of time during her teenage years at the Diel house. I was in grade school then and thought she was beautiful and just the coolest. She and my sister Michelle were very close and Michelle and my Mom were bridesmaids in Lori's wedding.
Lori writes and plays her own music. If you ever had the chance to hear her play and sing it is probably something you still remember.
The public will have a chance to vote for J4 after they perform on the Morning Show. I will try to keep you updated and let you know how you can vote.
GO J4!!!!!!!!!


Kocher Family said...

I knew they were being interviewed...I cut Joyce's hair and she was telling me all about it. How exciting for them, they have my vote!

Browningblog said...

How exciting, I went to school with Lori, in fact, she was the one who got me hooked on Amy Grant music before anybody really knew who Amy Grant was! Keep us posted, I am going to go to CBS and see if I can watch the story. Go J4!!

joanna m said...

I cannot believe that I missed them this morning. I have seen all the other ones and seen the very begining this morning and missed the rest.
You do remember that your dad took me, Lori, and Shawna down to Florida to college. Wow what an experience!! I lived with Lori for the first year of college, so I remember very well how good she can sing. Mark was a perfect match for her, because he can sing just as good. They were in a singing group at college, awesome to listen to!!
The last time I seen and talked to Lori, her and Mark were living back here and she was either pregnant with Josephine or had just had her and they were getting ready to move back to Tenn.
I am so happy for them and hope they win, what an awesome family!!