Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's talk J & K + 8

Did you watch last night? Where are the twins? Were they forgotten in the move because they are going through that awkward bad, big teeth phase?

Speaking of, I read the book. It is a VERY short and easy read. Not much new at all if you have been watching the show for any time. It was interesting to learn that Kate fought the state after they tried to take away the baby nurse that helped care for the babies for the first six months of their lives. Her reasoning: licensed daycare facilities would have to have more than one person to care for that many babies. She won and welfare continued to pay the nurse.

I really do enjoy watching Jon and Kate, Jack likes watching it with me. He calls it Johnny A+ A (not sure where that came from). That little Aaden is the sweetest thing in the world, he is so my favorite. I gotta wonder if the fame that this family has achieved is somehow making parenting multiples more glam than it probably really is. Do you think that maybe the mother of the octuplets thinks that she is going to get a reality show and all will be good? Of course if she does you know we will all watch.

Have you seen any of the interviews with the octuplet Mom on the Today show? That lady is just ALL kinds of crazy!!!


Tracie said...

I have not read the book...yet. Mostly for the reason you stated...just kinda figured it would be like watching the show.

I do think that the octo-momma probably assumes she will get a TV show out of her deal. Maybe she will.

She still irks the heck outta me!

Kelley L. said...

Since I've never seen J&K + 8 let's talk about Octo-mommy. Her only hope at this point is to import a couple of Duggars. I'd pick Jessa & Jinger, but that's just me.

Sarah D said...

Tracie and Kelley's comments were published at the same time.

Love the Octo-momma (southern version) and Octo-mommy (IL version)

Jinger with a J has been thrown under the bus!

Amber M said...

Currently watching Dateline with the Octo mom. I'm sure I'll get very upset again watching her.

Kuhn Family said...

I think the twins were at school for the last few shows, as for that octo mommy, CRAZY Thats what I think she is. I also think she is lying about everything, first she says one thing and then she changes. Kids are expensive. I just watched the dateline special and it confirmed everything I thought.

Major Mom said...

I have not started my on-blog diatribe about the mother-of-14 yet, but I'm tempted to get out there. I'm currently trying to form my thoughts into something more mature than just calling Ms. Suleman bonkers (among other choice words). I can't believe that octo-mother's publicist (she has a publicist?!?!?!) said it isn't the mother's fault that grandma can't keep up with the first 6 kids! WTH???

Hopefully if octo-momma gets a TV show, no one will watch it, but I doubt that's going to be the case. It'll be like a car wreck, we don't want to watch, but we won't be able to help ourselves.

I've never seen J+K, but I've caught a couple episodes of the Duggars' show, plus the Discovery Channel (or was it TLC?) documentaries about them before they had the reality show. The Duggars seem much more sensible and financially sound, at least.

kellyhemrich said...

Did you notice Kate spent all day cleaning the fridge. When they moved in they have a new fridge!!! The old one is in the basement!! I would have not wasted my day cleaning the fridge with a toothpick!!
In the last show John took a stick away from one of the girls & she put her hands up like he was going to beat her with it-classic!!

Ashley and Evan said...

What was with Kate the other night acting like she is so bored that she can't even do the one-on-one interviews. She couldn't stop yawning and looked totally bored. I still like the show and will keep watching.

Octo-mom is majorly crazy! I heard she got plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie because that is her ultimate goal...to be just like her!

I definitely think Octo-mom is hoping for a J&K +8 scenario. I hope it doesn't happen. She doesn't deserve the air time.

Aubrey said...

I hope that CA gets a big hunk of stimulus money to keep giving that nut job disability checks for something she obviously isn't really hurting from otherwise she wouldn't dare get prego in the first place.