Sunday, February 22, 2009

$100 buys you a house!

A Sarah Sez reader brought this very interesting and unique story to my attention.

A couple in Casey, IL are raffling off their house! After trying unsuccessfully for 2 years to sell their house they decided to go a more unorthodox route.
They are selling chances to win their house (which is VERY nice) at $100 each. Not a bad investment for what you can win!

Visit their website here for all the details.


aczumbahlen said...

I saw this story on the news. If they don't sell 1200 tickets at $100 each then they will have a 50/50 drawing. The couple and their kids had outgrown the house and bought another one in the country. With the crap economy they can't sell it and can't really afford to pay 2 mortgages. Cool idea!

Christina said...

That house is gorgeous on the inside!!!

Ashley and Evan said...

Evan thinks it's a little shady. Although, maybe we could buy a ticket and win it. Is there anything exciting for me to do in Casey???

Sarah D said...


I think it is on the up and up. Read the details on the website.

A vaca home for $100?? Not bad!

I can think of plenty of fun stuff we could do with that house ;)

hncfarley said...

If you read the fine print, you have to pay taxes on that. It is like winning the lottery. So anyone got an extra 30k laying around to pay taxes(Evan i am sure you do)? Because obviously, you wouldn't be able to sell it.
But I still think it is a cool idea, especially if they just had a 50/50, then you would immediately have the cash to pay the taxes on the money you win.