Friday, February 6, 2009

Jack and Harrison

Jack and Harrison went to visit Harrison's Fairy Godmother Amber at Photographics for a session and the pictures are now available for viewing on her website.

Check them out here
This was the day that I realized that I had two children. I suppose I thought I would be just fine trying to do 3 costume (outfit) changes by myself-we only ended up doing two. I had grand ideas of how these pics would go. Harrison needed to eat and poop during the photo session. Jack (in case you did not know) talks A LOT. He gets it honest I am sure, but he really likes to talk and sometimes he just needs to be quiet. Amber was a saint and helped me so much. I think she knew I was close to tears a couple of times. She reminded me that I always say that I just need one good one. I think I we got that.


Jen said...

Sarah the pics are the cutest!!! They are so precious

Jamee said...

Ah, I remember this time. It was in December of 2007, after Hayden was born. Hank decided to grant me my Christmas wish and get family pictures taken. The kids were horrible, Emily cried a lot and Hayden was hot, tired, and drooling. To be honest, I haven't had an easy photo shoot since.

Amber was right, all you need is one good shot; I think you have a few.