Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's talk J & K + 8 and The Real Housewives of the OC

Two reality shows. One post.
Did you watch Monday?
Merry Christmas kids. We are getting you a dog. Two dogs. I chose them. I named them.
We can go to the breeder to get them. I will pick them out. I will hold them first.
I don't care if you don't like dogs, this breed, or their names.
Merry freakin' Christmas.

Was Gretchen finally exposed?
Perhaps she was just "dating" that Pepaw guy for the $$ like Tamara said.
Is there some sort of special "real housewives of the OC" store where they all buy their clothes?

Did you watch? What do you think??


Aubrey said...

I don't watch Housewives, but the more I watch J&K, the more she pisses me off.

Julia McD said...

You know my opinion...pretty much the same as yours. Kate is crazy, controlling, mean and psycho. Gretchen is a money hungry gold digger. 'Nuff said!!!

Ashley and Evan said...

I'm so glad you posted about the OC!!! I was tempted to do it myself. Something is so shady about this whole story. I definitely agree that there is something going on, but even Tamara's story was half assed. Gretchen tried very hard to cover up something. I was sitting there in shock watching it all go down. I wish we could have all watched it together and then discussed afterwards. Do you have any blogs/forumns that have more information about this that I can go to? If you do, please share.

Kathryn said...

Back to J&K - is it me or is she WAY more aware of how she looks on camera? Gone is the splotchy make up and sweats - looks like she's taking a dip in the self tanner & wearing cuter clothes. I can't believe she didn't let that whiner Maddie pick out a damn puppy. The woman is a sadist. I hope the dogs ruin her new home. I'm sure that will be an upcoming episode.

Jen said...

I know how horrible was the whole dog thing, i felt so soryy for little mady i wanted to go get her and get her the dog she wanted and let her name it. I dont really get how thoose freakin big dogs will be beneficial for those kids???? Crazy lady, she needs to chill

hncfarley said...

I am so sad that I haven't seen OC yet. My DVR didn't get it, I don't know why but it is on tomorrow and the dvr is set! They all wear different variations of the same tops and dresses, it is bizarre.
Now I did see J&K, "I need a list of the things that I need for the dogs and their schedules????" What the *&^%? This chick can't even stand her own kids because they are too messy, why on earth did she go and get to long-haired german shepards that will become huge dogs and is proceeding to keep them in the house???? This just gets wackier.
I do have to confess that if and when we get a dog, I already said that I get to name it or at least have vito power, I have to agree with Kate on that one. A perfect example, our cats are "Cuddly" and "Whiskers"
But it was soo sad, the kids were all like "Thank you mommy and daddy" and she said, "Your not welcome?"

kellyhemrich said...

I bet the dogs disappear.