Friday, February 12, 2010

Twisted Sister and IHOP--Disney Trip Report Part two

We were officially on the road. Cliff had expectations that we would sleep in the car for the first few hours on the road (while he was driving). That did not happen. We were too excited to sleep!

We christened the GPS Jed (in homage to our dear departed fish) and made it past Evansville before Cliff officially was skeptical of Jed's direction giving skills.

Jack sang his own version of "We're not gonna take it" for a good thirty minutes straight. It went a little something like this:

When I'm gonna take it, when I'm gonna take it, when I'm gonna take it ANYMORE!!!!

That's it. over and over and over and over

The night before we left I told Cliff that a dream of mine could be fulfilled on this trip, you see I had never eaten at an IHOP (I know, that is ALL kinds of crazy) and had high hopes that we could right that injustice on our was to Florida.

We had plans to stop in Nashville for breakfast. The weather had predicted snow for the KY, TN area and our goal was to stay ahead of the snow. The boys and I slept for a while and we woke up ready to eat.

I started looking for places to stop and suggested maybe a Waffle House would be good enough. Jack was ALL for it. He was very intrigued by the sounds of an entire house made of waffles!

We drove through Nashville and decided to take an exit to get something to eat. What do you know, right off the exit like a beacon in the night....International House of Pancakes!!!

Cliff got a cheeseburger.
As much as I was against him getting this at the House of the pancake,
when it arrived I was a little jealous.
My strawberry and banana topped goodness.

Jack's plate.
We all shared with Harry. He loved having french fries for breakfast.

We hurried through breakfast as the snow was supposed to be starting at anytime.
I made Cliff stop outside the IHOP so I could take a picture.
It had just started to snow.

up next:
Jack gets hot in the hot tub
and we arrive at Disney


Dawn said...

OMG, I would have been bonkers with that song! One line over and over again. Egads.

Glad you righted your wrong!

Kathryn said...

I would have ordered what Cliff did. I love dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.

Can't wait for the next installment!

Rebekah said...

1- waffle house kicks ihop's ass.
2- that pickle looks so good.
3- i cant stop singing to myself "gettin hot in hot tub!!!"

Kaylie said...

loving this!!

Tracie said...

i am shocked that jack did not order the smiley face pancakes with the chocolate chips and whip cream. it looks so good on the menu that my kids beg for that every.single.time we go to ihop. however, once it finally arrives, they eat all the goodies off the top and leave the pancakes. :-)