Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Off to the kingdom...T.R. part 5

After we got settled into our rooms we headed to the Magic Kingdom.
It was raining, but still glorious....
First stop was the chapeau shop to get the boys their ears.
We made our selections and while I waited for their names to be embroidered on the back Cliff took the boys outside. When I came out with the hats look who we saw.....


We headed straight for Buzz Lightyear and then Jack surprised me
by riding Astro Orbitor with Cliff.
We rode a couple more rides and then it was time to head to
the Wilderness Lodge for our dinner reservations.

We got on the boat that took us from the Magic Kingdom to the Wilderness Lodge.
Jack sat as close to the captain as he could.
The captain's name was Juan. Jack thought he did an
excellent job.

Jack and Captain Juan.
The Wilderness Lodge was beautiful. I wish I had taken pictures.
By the time we made it to the Whispering Canyon for the dinner that I was sure to start our trip off on a magic note, Harrison had had it. He did not want to sit in a high chair and it really was not a place we could let him run around.
My steak came with a hair. They took it back while Cliff and Jack started on their food.
I got up and let Harrison run around in the lobby.
I came back with Harry and my new steak arrived, WAY to underdone.
I was close to tears. Things were not working out the way I had planned.
I ate the baked beans that came with Cliff's meal.
They were really good beans.
Things were looking up.
We got our desserts to go and headed out.
Back to the hotel we went.
We decided to take the boat to Downtown Disney to walk around for a bit.
After we checked things out we got in line to wait for the boat to take us back to our hotel.
I started talking to a very nice couple behind us. They were celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary and had just finished seeing Cirque due Soleil.
They told me they were from the Keys
and that he was a retired Marine Biologist.
It took all I had, I wanted to so badly, but I refrained from saying it...
coming up...Epcot

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Ashley and Evan said...

I love the family photo with Pinocchio; it turned out really well.