Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hot in the hot tub and you can't have to much IHOP-Disney trip report part three

Where were we?

Back on the road again. We had to stay in front of the dreaded snow.
Let me go off track for a minute....
For some reason my husband is a freak about the weather. He checks the weather channel constantly, his Internet usage is pretty much limited to checking stocks and the weather I suppose he is blissfully unaware that there is a bigger world of porn, celeb gossip, and social networking sites out there.
A couple of weeks ago the weather was saying we were in for it. Snow and all the trimmings. Cliff sent me a text telling me I needed to go to the store to get supplies. I questioned this because:
1. We both grew up in the country. In Illinois. Not Mexico, we've seen snow before.
2. We both drive four wheel drives and unless it is deer season, have a four wheeler parked in our garage.
C. We live two blocks from a gas station.

Back on track.
So on we drove. We made it through Atlanta rush hour traffic free and continued to head south. My friend Paige had recommended a hotel in Tifton that we had made reservations at for the night. After realizing that it was too cold to enjoy the outdoor pool at said hotel we cancelled that reservation and found one that had an indoor pool.

We arrived at Tifton and Jack begging to get in the hot tub.

We finally gave in and headed down to the pool.

Harrison did not want to get in. I think it may have been due to the fact that the swim trunks I packed him were not actually swim trunks. They were shorts that I thought were swim trunks. He's only one, but I think he knew.
I think he looks like Charlie Brown in this picture.

Jack LOVES a hot tub. He talks about his friend's Cole and Ross's hot tub all the time.
He just could not wait to get in the hot tub.
Don't worry, we only let him set in it for a short amount of time.
I did not get a picture of Jack and the older lady that he shared time with in
the hot tub. He had a lot to tell her. I think she was just looking to relax and I was
fairly certain that she did not want her picture taken.
We ordered pizza and tried without success to set up the pack-n-play that had been
sent to our room for Prince Harry.
We gave up and decided he could just sleep with me.
He rolled out of the bed a few times that night.
He was fine.
(so far that parent of the year award is going to allude me again in 2010. 5 year olds in the hot tub, one year olds rolling off the bed.)
We were up and ready to go bright and early the next morning.
Cliff packed up the Tahoe in the pouring rain.
I lost one of our room keys which made wet Cliff not so happy with dry Sarah.
We decided to drive a while and stop for breakfast.
We enjoyed it so much the morning before that we stopped at IHOP
for breakfast again! I think we all had pretty much the same thing.
Cliff got a cheeseburger again.
Harrison loves IHOP.
And then we were off. Today was the day. Our official arrival day.
It was raining as we left Georgia and continued to rain into Florida.
As we got closer to the World I was worried that it literally
was going to rain on our parade.
At exactly 50 miles out (per Jed, the GPS)
the rain stopped. The sun came out.
Pixie dust....
Coming up:
Arrival and a Seinfeld reference


Tracie said...

harry does look like charlie brown in that pic. so cute!

it is 9:30 in the morning here and i think i am hungry for pancakes. thanks.

Dawn said...

I want pancakes. And to squeeze Harry's cheeks.