Thursday, April 9, 2009

What year is this???

Have you heard about this?
Pirates took over a US Naval Ship in Somalia.
They continue to hold the captain hostage.
What the???
What do they want?
Is there gold on the navy ship?
Do you think any of them wore an eye patch or had a wooden leg?
Perhaps a parrot on his shoulder?
I gotta give it to the pirates. They certainly are taking things back old school style.
I can't imagine what could happen next.
Perhaps a stage coach hold-up?


hncfarley said...

I believe it was a Danish-owned ship sailing under our flag with an American crew and they weren't in Somalia, but out at sea. Perhaps this is how rumors get started, but I wouldn't know...

Ashley and Evan said...

All I know is that if Captain Jack Sparrow is anywhere on that ship, I will gladly surrender myself to the pirates. Both him and Orlando Bloom can have their way with me!