Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hi ho hi ho

For the past almost two months, Cliff had been working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week straight. Not one day off.

A week ago last Friday that came to an end. That was good. It was WAY to much. The money was great, but the hours were killing Cliff and not doing me much good either.

On top of the overtime ending, Cliff got laid off. Not that big of a deal. He should go back to work soon. It is par for the course when you are a Union Laborer of any kind.

This Friday it will be two weeks that Cliff has been laid off.

Two weeks that we have all been home together. All the time.

The first day Cliff realized that maybe I did not have it as easy as he thought I did.

A couple days later he thought maybe I did not have it that bad.

He watches Westerns all the time. He does not want to watch American Idol. The VIEW is not for him.

I'm going a little stir crazy. I want the Union Hall to call.

Yesterday we went to Effingham. I got some hangers to try to display some of my purses. I showed Cliff where I wanted them and went to feed Harrison. When I was finished he showed me what he had done.......................................
He had even hung up all the purses and displayed them on the bench.

Pretty nice huh???

I did this with an old trunk...........................

So after that, I felt like maybe it was not so bad having Cliff here all the time.

A few hours later he asked why I did not drink more water. I told him I had not even had ONE diet coke ALL day!! He pointed out that I had one in the car on the way to Effingham (in my mind one is like negative five on the diet coke scale so it does not even count) and went on to say how I could be SO much healthier if I drank less tea and diet coke and more water. It's time for him to go back to work.


lindemrm said...

Westerns are awesome. Clint Eastwood rules. Water is MUCH better for you than diet coke and tea. I'm with Cliff. I wish I would get laid off for a couple of weeks...

Sarah D said...

I wish you would to!

Then maybe you two could hang out with each other.

Kocher Family said...

I agree with Cliff and Nancy, we should all drink more water! I know that I could not handle being laid off. The kids would drive me crazy. There's a reason I work!

Sarah D said...

There's a reason why I work as well..........

My job is called being a FULL TIME stay at home mother!

It's pretty hard, you live where you work. There are no lay-offs,the vacation days are slim to none, and some days you don't get a lunch break.

On the other hand:
My co-workers are really cute and pretty funny. One of them spits up on me all the time, but I don't mind so much. The other one likes to TALK a lot, but he gets that from his boss. The place I work gives you all the iced tea and diet coke you can drink.

It's the hardest job I have ever had, but I don't think I will quit anytime soon.

Kuhn Family said...

Sarah, I soooo agree being a stay at home mom is so hard but so rewarding. And when people say "oh you dont work anymore" It kinda makes me want to cringe. I love my job.

Julia McD said...

My hubby and I have been home together for about 3 months now...I know exactly how you feel! Can't wait until someone goes back to work full time!

jlmichl2 said...

Sarah...the last time I checked not only are you a FULL TIME stay at home mother, you also sell purses..therefore you own your own business, and that my friend is hard work!!! KEEP ON KEEPIN ON - no matter what anyone else says!!!
It's just plain rude or jealousy..take your pick!!!