Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun times in the Windy City

After a long, hard journey it was dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.
ummmm cheesecake............

Saturday morning we headed downtown
Soldier Field said to tell Rick and Amber HEY!

The Museum of Natural History

They were having some sort of pirate exhibition (pirates are SO in right now!).

Jack on the steps of the museum.

Jack and his mother

Sue the dinosaur (she was already named, I probably would have named her something fun like ROXIE)
She is a t-rex (I have no clue, I think all dinosaurs are a t-rex)

A flying t-rex!

Jack checking out a smaller t-rex

After the museum (fun times) it was off to lunch at Ed Debevic's
I had been there once before and my cousin Allison loves the place, so we were very excited.
We had hyped it up to Jack and he could not wait to see the servers sing and dance.

They did not disappoint!

Jack really got into it. He thought it was HILARIOUS when our waitress "yelled" at Alison.
He was SO offended when she called us boring.
I appreciated that my four year old realized that being called boring is not a good thing!

Aunt Patty
(i'm fixing her up with Mel Gibson)

Jack and our waitress getting down.

He showed her!
Even people from small town, boring ole Newton got some moves!

Jack and Alison

The world's smallest sundae

That night we went to the community center so Jack could swim.
This is their pool. I did not get pictures of the three adult size water slides and the mini lazy river.
Maybe we are boring. I think our community center has a water fountain.

This is Jack in water that was zero inches deep.
He INSISTED on wearing the floaties.

We had so much fun with Patty and Alison and have plans to go back soon!
Saturday morning we headed home.
Compared to getting there, the trip home was pretty much uneventful.
It was nice to get away, but it sure felt good to be back.
This is what I had waiting for me....................

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Tracie said...

You got some great pictures, Sarah.
Jack looks like he had a fantastic time.

And to come home to that adorable little smile??? What a great homecoming gift!