Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Easter is here.

The Lord has risen and candy takes on egg shape.
My latest obsession----Reeses Pieces eggs. Large egg shaped Reeses Pieces. So good. I only could find these at CVS. Last week when I bought a couple of large bags (one was for a friend), I thought perhaps I should purchase their remaining stock. Sadly, I did not and now they are no where to be found. If you run across any of these little egg shaped gem, could you pick me up a bag (or 10)? I will reimburse you for whatever they cost plus a finders fee.

Anyhoo, have a Happy Easter. And if you are lucky enough to get some of these in your basket, enjoy and savor them. It's another year until we will get any candy in egg shape!


Dawn said...

All candy tastes better when in the egg shape. Robin Eggs, Reese's PB Eggs, etc. Nothing says Thank You for dying on a cross for us better than egg shaped candy. Um, that's not right?

Aubrey said...

Have not had them, but I am pretty sure they were not on my weight loss plan. Now I can join you in devouring them, if I can find a bag!!

Sara B. said...

I wish you had posted this yesterday...I was in Wally World yesterday afternoon and they had some. I just picked them up thinking that sounds good and they are bigger!!! If I see anymore I will send them your way!!

Christina said...

Hoppy Easter! :-)

Sarah D said...

Dawn--if it's wrong, I don't wanna be right!

Aubrey, you will not be sorry!

Sara B.--wal-mart in Olney, I am going tomorrow and keeping my finger crossed.

HOPPY HOPPY Christina and everyone!

Amber M said...

Those were my favorite candy this year.