Thursday, April 23, 2009


Just recently it was brought to my attention that I had the POWER!!!
At some point in our lives we have probably all wished we were a super hero. My sisters and I used to play Wonder Woman when we were little. Lynda Carter is SO HOT! I don't even remember what she used her Wonder power for, I just know she had a rockin' outfit.
If you could be a super hero what would your super power be?
What would your super hero name be?
My super power would be invisibility. I drive by houses and always wonder what they look like on the inside so I would use my power to look around houses that I think look cool. I would be called INVISI-GIRL!! The only bad part is that when you are invisible you don't get to wear a cool super hero costume. I would have to come up with something to wear to all the superhero parties.


Luke's Folks said...

Man, do I love Wonder Woman. I seriously had a rush of endorphins when I just saw her picture. She does bring a sense of power to the women, doesn't she?

On a serious note, I would have the power to bring back the dead. Sounds creepy and probably sacreligious, but I just think everyone could use a little Janie Hannaman once in awhile. Ha!!

Glad I can laugh about this now. She was a great one, huh?

Luke's Folks said...

By the way, Sarah, I too stalk the inside of homes, but I do this on realtor websites. I get decorating tips by looking inside the really expensive houses!

Sarah D said...


Oh was she ever one of the great ones!

A little dose of Janie would do us all wonders. If only we could have put her something special in a bottle!

~Hannah~ said...

The sad thing is, that some people drive by houses to see whose cars are in the driveway at what time...a lot past superhero and more into the stalker/hacker mode

Rebekah said...

if i were a super hero i would be "The Douche-Bag Detector". i could fend off all douche-bags with my powers.


oh, and i already wear my costume daily. im a natural DD.

p.s. Jen this nice weather had me thinking about Janie just yesterday... we could have had the croquet (Sp?)set out! I told Payton she needed to learn that game. A great lady taught me how to play it (along with alot of other good lessons)

Luke's Folks said...

Bekah Sue, you make me laugh instantaneously. I think I am spelling worse and worse these days. I completely forgot about croquet in the back yard, but now want to buy another set. Gosh was that fun! You are bombastic.

Miss ya! Take care of you and yours.

hncfarley said...

Have you seen the Incredibles???