Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something for Nothing

I don't have my Christmas shoppping done. I don't have my tree up. Cards have not been ordered. It really does not even seem like the Christmas season to me. I need to get in the spirit.

Lots of people have beautiful Christmas templates on their blogs, but I can't change mine for fear of losing the cool custom designed one that I won. So, inspired by Tracie's Christmas bloggy give-away I decided that Sarah Sez needed to do one as well.

Here's the deal. I can't change my template, but I can add some Christmas music to my blog. You tell me what your favorite Christmas song is and I will add it to the soundtrack of my blog.
---mine is Feliz Navidad

Here's what you can win........your choice of a flat wallet from my purse site
keep it for yourself, or use it as a gift.

Leave me a comment, or two, with a fav Christmas song. You have until Friday afternoon at 4:00 and I will draw the winner (using a random number generator).

GOOD LUCK and Happy Holidays.


Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

Our tree is up. I should take pix of it bc I love it. That would get people in the mood!

Favorite Christmas Song: Baby It's Cold Outside

Aubrey said...

I love giveaways!!

I asked Chris what his fav was and he didn't know the name of it...imagine that.

Mine, I think would be Santa Baby....hurry down the chimney tonight!!

Miss Ashley said...

I feel the same way as you, I just can not get in the Christmas spirit. I guess its because I dont get to walk into a store and see all the Christmas stuff, and I dont have a tree or decorations up here. so it is very hard to get in the spirit.

RIGHT NOW my favorite song is: I'll Be Home For Christmas!!!

Since it is only 2 weeks until I am in IL!

Lots of love from Alaska.

Tracie said...

I remember Christmas of 2005. Madelyn was born on November 7th. I didn't even want to put up a tree that year. It was kinda embarrassing...and depressing. We ended up finally getting around to it by the 2nd week of December. I crammed all of my shopping into about 5 days time. And I wasn't even in the mood to be doing it. Very strange for me.

Anyway, I hope that you get your Christmas Spirit back real soon!

My favorite Christmas song is:

"It Must've Been Ol' Santa Claus" by Harry Connick Jr.

Listen to it. It just might get you in the mood for Christmas!

Tracie said...

OH - my favorite "church" Christmas song is:

"Away in a Manger"


Amber M said...

Hey, I don't have a tree up or any decorations in the house or outside. My cat likes to eat the needles off the tree and puke them out. So I may be without a tree for a long time.

Anyway, I am a traditional kind of girl, my favorite Christmas song is Jingle Bells.

Giveaways sound fun. Maybe I will try someday.

Betsy R said...

I think my favorite is Little Drummer Boy. I remember going to church on Christmas Eve and my dad singing that song. It is one of his favs.

LMeyer said...

Holly Jolly Christmas!
I don't have shopping done or a tree up but if you see Rudolph running around twon in a VW Bug you might know who it is driving.

Jamee said...

Your not alone, my tree isn't going up until the 20th.

My favorite Christmas song is "I'll be home for Christmas". It's been my favorite, and the only, Christmas song to make me cry ever since my brother was in the Middle East over the holidays. I remember him saying they were all sitting around on Christmas Eve in Afganistan, feeling sorry for themselves when someone broke out with this song. I can't hear it without thinking of him during this time. And then I cry.

My other is "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...Jack Frost nipping at your nose". I know all the words and sing it to my kids all year long.

Jen said...

Mine would def. be Have your self a merry little christmas

Sara B. said...

Well I can kinda see why your a little behind on Christmas, you have had a lot going on the last couple weeks!!

One of my favs. is Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Amanda M said...

My favorite christmas song is Silent night...so simple and to the point!

amberlindemann said...

any christmas song sang by Barry Manilow....

I'm a fanilow...

yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.

hanging head in shame


Kuhn Family said...

Wow how do you choose just one favorite song, there are so many good ones. My favorite right now has to be Where are you Christmas by Faith Hill from the movie How the Grinch stole Christmas.

jodi said...

We have our tree up, but that is it:) I love giveaways though, so I would have to say " Walking in a Winter Wonderland" is at the top of my list for songs!

Kathryn said...

All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey (yes, extra cheesy, I know). Stella & I even have hand gestures that we act out in the car while singing it.

Browningblog said...

Hey Sarah, I had been in a funk over Christmas this year too. My main problem was I had lost all of my favorite Christmas decorations. I have about 20 boxes of stuff upstairs and somehow the stuff I really wanted was nowhere to be found. Then, this morning, I went up there in search of a sweater and low and behold-I found my Christmas decs (and not the sweater-imagine!!!) I had been singing "Where are you Christmas" constantly. My absolute favorite Christmas song is one I doubt you will be able to find. It was called "Christmas in a Small Town" and we sang it in 7th & 8th grade. I have searched for a recording of it but never found it.

joanna m said...

Our tree and decorations have been up since before Thanksgiving (first time ever for that). I love Christmas!
My fav Christmas is has always been O Holy Night sung by the right person (which is not me) it is the most awesome song.

Hope you and Harrison are doing good. Kenin was born 4 days after Christmas, that was a pretty rough one. But things will get better, hang in there!

hncfarley said...

Felt the same way one year ago.
Don't feel bad.
Fav song: Happy Elf by Harry Connick Jr.

aczumbahlen said...

My tree isn't up-going up this weekend though, much to my dismay. Yes, I am a scrooge! I do however have a favorite Christmas song. It is Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. I hear it on the radio and always find myself singing along! Even though I am not in the mood for Christmas this year.

Karla K said...

You have been more than a little busy! I was impressed that you had Harrison's birth announcement out already - cute! I have the tree and decorations up, but not alot of shopping done. I haven't been in the spirit yet, guess I'll have to work on that. My favorite traditional song is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Aubrey said...

How exciting to come to your blog and hear my favorite Christmas song playing!!

Oh, and my next favorite *of the moment, since that is all you hear on the radio* is Kenny Chesney, All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan.

Aubrey said...

And now, speaking of Feliz Navidad....was that an OPEN sign I saw in Puerta Vallarta's window?