Sunday, December 14, 2008


I am filled with guilt over the fact that I have not taken nearly enough pictures of Harrison. I am sure I took tons more of Jack. I am going to try to do much better.

Harrison helping Jack play mini-golf online.


Ashley and Evan said...

He is so tiny and adorable!!! I suppose we can forgive you for not posting more pictures. I mean it's not like you just had a baby or anything! :=)

Miss Ashley said...

Aww, He is soo cute! Thank you for sharing the pictures.
Dont feel bad about having less pictures now then you did a Jack, its the second/third baby syndrome. There are tons more pictures of Amber and Lisa then of me. And then when there are pictures of me, Amber or Lisa are in them too. I realized this a couple years ago when I was getting pictures ready for Amber's wedding. I was sorting out the pictures, and found so many more of her than me. And each one I thought was me, NOPE, it was her. Its very common, I guess.

Lots of Love from Alaska.

Dawn said...

Oh, he's so adorable.

And welcome to the world of so many less pics of your second child than your first. It's so much harder. And kudos to the moms who do it better than me.