Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas blessings

Last night, as I was up once again numerous times with the baby, and I was complaining in my mind about my lack of sleep, just begging God for more sleep, Harrison to sleep, my husband to hear the baby crying and get up, I realized how shitty I have been. Not getting enough sleep is my biggest problem? I have been complaining left and right because my perfectly healthy beautiful baby gets up at night to be fed? Last night I thought maybe I needed to look at things a little differently and count my blessings.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from a dear sweet woman who said all she wanted for Christmas was a phone call from her son who is in Iraq. She has talked to him through e-mail, but had not heard his voice for over a month.

Yesterday, Betsy and Olivia Riedle lost their husband and Father. The Riedle family lost a son and a brother. My heart hurts for the Riedle family and I know there are so many of us that are at a loss not knowing what to say or do, just wishing we could take their pain away.

Things could be so much worse.

This Christmas, please look around you. Be grateful for who and what you have. I am sure that I will continue to complain about my lack of sleep, but hopeful not as much. Perhaps I can even be grateful for it.

Merry Christmas.
Count your blessings.

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