Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Murphy Brown rediscovered

Last night Harrison decided to spend 1:50 am until 4:15ish am wide awake. During that time Jack decided to wet the bed. While caring for the baby, changing Jack's pajamas and sheets, I found out MURPHY BROWN is on TV at 3:00 am on NICK at NITE! I always loved that show.

Nice to know that my lack of sleep can at least be filled with
some quality television from the 1990's.
See you tonight Candice Bergen.


Aubrey said...

Did you know that paiter guy killed himself? I think. Either way I am pretty sure he passed away. I loved when she was into it over the potato(e) deal!

Nice to have some company at that hour I'm sure, but I feel bad for you. I don't miss that hour of the day at all.

jodi said...

Not mssing those way early hours of the morning, I do recall that Braden and I watched a lot of Tool Time together followed by MASH.