Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School---DAY ONE

Jack and the Prince before school.
Harry wanted to show off his new school shoes like his big brother.

This year we will be taking our cousin Hadley Zumbahlen
to school with us.
Hadley was really excited for her first day of school!

Scout Schackmann!
We are SO excited that she is in Jack's class!

Jack and Hadley

Heidi brought a friend.
I am SO happy Jack and Heidi are in the same class this year.
Not only are they great friends, this also gives Jack and Heidi's mothers a
chance to go to lunch very often after dropping off their children!
Jack and Heidi

Hanging up the backpack

It was a completely different scene from last year's first day.
Jack immediately went and started playing.
No tears, no clinging.
Hadley let me tell her good-bye and give her my first day of school speech.
Jack finally came over and gave me a hug after some prodding.

And the first day is over......
I asked Jack how it was, he said
"it was the greatest day I ever had"


Karla K said...

You're pictures are great. Love Jack's orange and blue shoes - where did you get them?

Heather said...

Where do you get all of the t-shirts that have the "j" and "h" on them? They are super cute.

Sarah D said...

Karla, I got the shoes at Athlete's Shoe (I know it is called something else now).

Heather, The matching H & J shirts they had on in the earlier post were made by my Mom. The one Jack wore the first day of school came from luna b tee's. I ordered it online. They have the cutest stuff.

Sara B. said...

Jack shirt is super cute!! Just like him!

Browningblog said...

I am so glad we have the blogs! Seeing all you girls go through your "little's" first days of school gives me the opportunity to remember Robert's when he was a little. We still have firsts though, this was the first year he drove to school on the first day.

The Final Hour said...