Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's bullet point time

  • Why do I need to teach my baby how to read? He's a baby for heaven's sake. You've seen the commercial. It seems a little creepy to me to have an 18 month old that can read. Cliff thinks it is a great idea. Not gonna happen. I'm also not going to teach my baby sign language. He's not deaf. (if he does become deaf, I will consider it) (if he becomes Mexican, I'll consider Spanish)
  • I LOVE GLEE!!!! Watch it. Fox 8:00 Central time on Wednesday nights. I'm seriously thinking of starting my own show choir.
  • Baby gates are dangerous. My arms and legs are covered with bruises from what I have taken to calling babygate '09
  • Cliff is back. No more working out of town. The camper has a for sale sign in it. Campers we shall not be.
  • I just saw a bumper sticker with Obama's campaign symbol that said "Got birth certificate?" Really? Really, really? Have we not cleared that up yet? Yes, yes I do have a copy of his birth certificate and I will be happy to show you. I doubt that would be good enough though. He's our President. Get over it. (by the way, he's also black, don't ya just love it)
  • If the babygate bruises were not enough, falling out of the booth at chips and sauce has added bruises upon bruises to what has turned my body into something that you might see at S.W.A.N.
  • Colleen Leffler had a baby. Colleen. Wow. He's a doll. Congrats Colleen.
  • The Newton Eagles are 2-1. Last Friday's game at Olney was good old fashioned Newton Eagle football. I love it.
  • I tried to take pics of my myriad of bruises. They just were not that flattering so you will have to use your imagination.
  • For those who have asked, we have rescheduled our Disney trip. Things were not working out with the planning and if I could not do it right, we were not going to do it at all. We are now going the first week in February. I am so excited. Planning it may be as much fun as the trip itself. Sorry I did not let you in on this sooner.
  • My life has become a little calmer. For a while there it was straight out of Compton. A lot of you were genuinely concerned and I really do appreciate it.
  • Harrison is a mad man. He is all over the place. Today he climbed up 5 stairs. Looks like it's time to put up another baby gate. Think the football coach would loan me some pads?

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Sarah B. said...

1. I don't get the sign language thing either...why don't we just teach our kids how to use their words. I have a friend who is so proud of her 20 month old who can sign a few words but walks around grunting and hasn't said a single word yet...I don't get it.
2. I LOVE GLEE...first episode was the best and I think I constantly have the beginning of "Don't Stop Believin" in my head 24/7...doesn't hurt that it is the all time best song ever.