Sunday, August 30, 2009

First day of school

Tomorrow's the big day. Jack is headed back to St. Thomas for his final year of preschool. I questioned sending Jack last year and I really am glad that I did send him. I think that last year was a time of adjustment for both of us. We kind of needed last year just to get used to the separation. I have high hopes that Jack will get right back into the swing of things this year and be really prepared for next year!


After searching and searching we (I) finally found Jack
a suitable backpack (or Jackpack as my friend Amber called it).
I could not resist.
It could be the last year that Jack will carry something like this and
I had to take full advantage!
Jack's hair has gotten so blond this summer.
We had put off cutting his hair with hopes of
keeping the blond around for as long as we could.
With school just around the corner Jack went to see his
buddy, Miss Amanda Ginder, for a back to school do.


Last Thursday night Jack and I went to St. Thomas
for his open house.
Jack was very happy to see his teachers from last year, Mrs. Bergbower and Mrs. Pilman.

Here's Jack last year on the first day of school.
I cried, he cried.
It was pretty tough.
I'm already getting a little teary thinking about tomorrow.

It's so hard to let your baby go.
I used to be little, but not anymore.
Tomorrow I'll get up and walk out the door.
It's great to be big, but I'm scared as can be.
My tummy's in knots. Do you want to know why?
I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe I'll cry.
When Mom leaves the school and I'm there all alone,
I'm thinking that maybe I'll want to go home.
But wait--Mommy said I'll play lots of new games,
and meet lots of friends--I can learn all their names.
The first day of school, oh there's so much to do!
There's painting and books and a big playground too!
I used to be little, but not anymore
Tomorrow I'll get and and walk out the door.
I'm going to school--it's the first day you see.
It's great to be big!
I'm glad that I'm me.


Aubrey said...

Oh, Sarah....why did you have to put that poem on here???? I bawled reading it on their paper from preschool. Today was not a good day to see it again!! Oh, well, better to start late than never!

Tracie said...

That is one Super Cool "Jackpack."