Saturday, July 25, 2009

Missing tooth

Jack lost his first tooth a week ago.
4 1/2 seems pretty early to lose teeth, but nothing is normal at our house.
The tooth fairy has yet to make her appearance.
Jack refuses to put the tooth under his pillow.
I told him that he would get a dollar or maybe even more for his first lost tooth.
Jack said "I want gold, you know like gold coins in a treasure chest".
We're working on that one.


Karla K said...

Congrats Jack! That will be the first of many! We had issues with the tooth fairy at our house at tone time. For a while she had to come during the day when we left for daycare or to run an errand, etc. For some reason, mom always forgot something in the house those days and had to run back in! Also, our tooth fairy does leave gold. The local bank should be able to supply her with golden dollars - I think the are "Sackagwea" (not spelled right) or some Indian chick on the front. Tooth fairy got $20 worth to make sure she was never caught off guard when a tooth was lost!

Megan said...

Get Jack a gold dollar coin at the bank. My boys love it when they get them!