Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter: Twenty Ten. The best of times, the worst of times.

Jack woke us up this morning to what he immediately declared was the best Easter evah!!
The Easter bunny had brought him a Touch-n-Brush!!
Jack is a huge fan of any "as seen on TV" products and this was number one on his wish list.
It even came with the Sonic 4x toothbrush!
By the time we left for church he had brushed his teeth so much that his gums bled.
The Easter bunny (aka our fab neighbor across the street, Lola)
left the boys a basket with dollar filled eggs. That is my kind of Easter bunny!

Prince Harry blessed his parents with the best Easter present of all,
a sleep filled night! We had to wake him up!
(notice the bed head)

Me and my boys before church

Harry and Jack sporting their matching ties

Man they looked cute...

After church we headed to my parents for lunch and egg hunting
(why do we hunt eggs on Easter?? The Lord has risen. Fill plastic eggs and hide them.
Was that in the Bible?) Jack's earache that he had mentioned earlier, but forgot about because of his repetitive touch-n-brush use, began to hurt again. We ended up leaving mid meal. It was too bad because what I had was REALLY good. Jack then declared it the WORST Easter ever and said that besides his touch-n-brush NOTHING good was going to happen to him that day.

Sadly I left behind my tray of Twyla Harvey egg shaped, frosted sugar cookies.
These things are little Easter miracles.
So good. No Easter will be complete for my family without them from now on.
Jack and I headed home for some R & R (why does that term always make me think of M*A*S*H?). Cliff and Harry headed to his family Easter where Harry got to do some egg hunting.

After a nap, bath, and some frozen pizza Jack seems to have made a full recovery.
Only time will tell if this Easter will go down in the books
as the best or worst.
Hope yours was hoppy!

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Megan said...

Those are cute ties where did you find them?