Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We made it through rope drop and the beginning of rain and headed straight for Soarin. Jack and Cliff rode while Harry and I hung out. After I had my turn riding Soarin with Jack we headed to the finding Nemo ride (aka the clam mobiles).
Harrison and Jack had a great time playing in the area outside the ride.

We saw lots of signs like this during our trip.
Florida's winter had been unusually harsh and lots of the normally
beautiful landscaping had taken a hit.

Jack and Cliff on Test Track. Jack is in the front middle.

Jack and I on Test Track. Jack and I are in the back.
The look on my face is not fear, it is annoyance. We stopped mid-ride for about thirty minutes and just sat in the car. Jack had to go to the bathroom really bad. Really bad.
Jack was pretty worried about ever getting out of the car. He asked everyone on the ride with us if he could use their cell phones to call 911 because this was an emergency. Everyone in the car but us could speak Spanish. I'm pretty sure they were talking about us and the seat that we left wet after we finally got off the ride.

We headed back to our hotel for a change of pants and a little rest.
After that it was back to EPCOT for our reservations at Teppan Eda, the Japanese restaurant.
While we waited for the other people we would be dining with to arrive (they were strangers) I got a picture of what I thought was a big fashion don't.
I'm fairly certain this is NOT what Chuck Taylor had in mind.
The rest of our table came and we were seated and warned that the grill in front of us was very hot. The kids were far enough away that we were not worried that they would burn themselves.
First course of hot towels.

Our waitress made Jack some easy to use chopsticks.

Cliff enjoyed some sake.

Harry used his chopsticks.

Our chef

It does not get much better than an onion volcano.

Jack used chopsticks to eat his entire meal (and a good portion of mine).
Watching him do that was one of my favorite parts of our trip.

The food was great!
Chicken, steak, vegetables and Japanese noodles.
We loved this meal. Jack and Harry both ate so well here.

After dinner we went to the Japanese gift shop in search of more sake for Cliff. He sampled some at the sake bar (and purchased a bottle). The girl working at the sake bar was from Japan and Germany (not sure how that works). I really wanted to say "how about WWII? we kicked your ass both ways!", but I refrained. Jack got some Japanese candy that reminded me of the Simpson's episode where Homer's face gets put on the box of Japanese laundry soap.

My champagne cocktail from France.
ooooo laa laa

This was a great day.
Just magical.
Wet pants and all.


Browningblog said...

Robert started thinking he had to use chopsticks when he was about Jack's age. He still insists that you don't get the full flavor unless you eat with chopsticks. (I think I am going to enjoy watching Jack grow up, sounds like some of it may be "Robert Revisited")

I am SO ready to go back to Disney, unfortunatley our trip is far enough away I am afraid to start couting weeks. At least it's only 10 1/2 weeks til our TN vacation!

Jennifer said...

I randomly found your nblog when I googled EPCOT chopsticks. You made me CRACK UP! And also very excited as we have Teppan Edo reservations for our upcoming trip with our two little ones (5 and 3). Thanks for the great post!