Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cracked rose colored glasses

I was up late Sunday night. I was not watching a March Madness basketball game, I was enthralled with my own personal March Madness, the vote on health care reform. Harrison was up late with me. I held him on my lap as I cried (tears of joy) and told him we just saw history being made. I realized that it was not a perfect bill, there are flaws, but after supporting a President that has promised us change this felt like perhaps we were finaly taking a step towards that change he had promised.

For some reason when I woke up Monday morning I expected the world to look different. Everyone to feel different. I know I did. I felt better. If just for a day I was going to wear those rose-colored glasses. I made the mistake of turning on the news. Black congressman called the N word, Gay congressman called the F word, a Congressman who voted for the health care reform bill called a baby killer. An email from a friend telling me that her black husband had gotten a message with a picture of President Obama's head on Hitler's body. I could go on.

I got to wondering if maybe the day after the civil rights bill passed people joined facespace groups like "I bet we can find 10,0000 people who think civil rights is wrong". Or maybe the day after women were given the right to vote people called President Wilson the antichrist. Maybe it just takes a while. Maybe people will come around.

I'll tell my Prince Harry about the night he was up late with his Mommy and watched history being made. Sadly I will have to tell him and his brother about ignorant, white trash, racist idiots as well.

Here's my friend, Bro. Keith Olberman speaking so eloquently about the situation at hand~~~~~~


Dawn said...

well said. very well said.

Kaylie said...

oh man. that was AMAZING.

Beth said...

I LOVE what you wrote Boo! And I totally agree with you. I felt the same way when I woke up on Monday, and was saddened at the way some people chose to react and behave.

Please blog more... I miss you!

Jen said...

your awesome! very well said, i have to direct my readers to your page, i think everyone needs to hear this