Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wrecked Ho, a new family member, and a little Designing Women

The Tahoe is down for the count. After a young man ran a stop sign and plowed into my beloved HOE I am now driving (courtesy of the fine folks at Shelter Insurance and Enterprise Rent A Car) a brand new Dodge Town and Country mini van. I have always sworn that I would never have a mini van, since Cliff is very anti-mini van I doubt if that ever changes, but this thing sure is one sweet ride. I'm just about ready to go get a "If this van's a rockin' don't come a knockin'" bumper sticker.

Tuesday night we took a drive out to Sam Parr so Cliff could experience the joy that is the rental mini van. Jack talked the ENTIRE time. He complained, he asked questions, he had observations, he just was going non-stop (Cliff says he gets it from me???). After driving through Sam Parr Cliff bet Jack that he could not make it back home without saying a word. Jack made it about 50 feet. He gave him a second chance and even sweetened the deal with $20.00(a pretty safe bet). Jack shocked us and made it all the way from the wye to our house silently. $20.00 was his.

Yesterday Jack and I were discussing his plans for his money. He wanted to buy a rocket ship or some clothes. I suggested that maybe he give part of his money to another kid who does not have as much as him. Jack was shocked to learn that some kids go to bed hungry and might not even have toys. After much thought Jack was willing to give up $7 of his $20.

I had read on another blog about Compassion. A Christian organization that allows you to sponser a child with a monthly donation. Jack and I spent hours yesterday looking at the pictures of kids from Kenya (there were lots of countries to choose from). Jack was going to pick just the right one to give his $7 to (it costs more than $7 a month FYI, Jack's going to have to go to Vegas or something to make up the difference). Some kids looked too happy. He wanted one that looked sad. They all seemed to like soccer. Jack prefered one that liked football or basketball. I found an adorable seven year old named Willis that I wanted to go to Kenya and bring home to live with us, Jack nixed Willis because he was wearing shoes and "gasp" socks! He wanted someone who looked sad and was shoeless. No choice was made and Jack went to school.

After school Jack said he had decided to choose Anthony (which he pronounced Anfony). I did not recall seeing any Anfony but we went back to the Compassion website in search of him. No Anthony/Anfony. Jack was crushed. I told him someone else was probably sponsering him and that was a very good thing. Jack cried and said that his $7 was going to buy Anfony good stuff, better stuff than whoever else got him. He calmed down and last night we FINALLY settled on Kiko. An adorable five year old Kenyan boy. He was wearing shoes, but Jack liked him because he had on pink pants-Jack said that meant he was poor since he had to wear girl pants--and he helped his family by gathering firewood.

In a couple of weeks we will get some information about Kiko and hopefully I will have a picture to share. I'm pretty proud of Jack. The world seems so big, but at our house it just got a little smaller.

(for more info on Compassion click on the picture above, I dare you to look at all those beautiful little faces and not want to take them all home)


All this Anthony/Anfony talk made me crave a little Designing Women. You really can never go wrong with them.

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Heather said...

My mom and Mason have a little boy through compassion and they have a lot of fun with it. They write letters back and forth and it has really taught Mason a lot. Good luck!