Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What I wouldn't give for......

A good night's sleep!

I realize my blog has been more than lacking in posts lately. I have a few started and just can't get them to completion. I'm working on it, but the words just won't come. Perhaps it's due to my lack of sleep.

Here's last night's schedule (and it's a fairly good representation of most school nights):

Cliff and Jack are in bed (together) by 7:30.
--yes, I know that is early. Cliff gets up around 5ish and Jack usually goes to bed whenever he does.
--Jack sleeps with us, we are not family bed people, we are lazy people that gave up on making him sleep in his own bed, Jack goes to bed with Cliff and then when I come to bed I take him to the couch because he won't sleep in his own super cool bunk beds upstairs by himself. I know it's awful. Judge away.

Harrison and I hang out until he is asleep and I put him to bed by 8ish.

Then it's my glorious alone time. Lately I spend it on the computer planning our upcoming Disney trip down to the minute. Sometimes I'll have a little cookie dough.

Harrison is up and screaming by 9:30ish, I pick him up (because from experience the night's before, he will SCREAM for over and hour) change him and his pj's because has peed through them, get him back to sleep by 10:30. Go to the bedroom, pick Jack up and carry him asleep to the couch.

Then I finally get to bed. I'm not a lay right down and go to sleep kind of gal. I like to watch an episode of the Office and then drift away to the soothing liberal sounds of Chris Matthews of MSNBC. Last night I was asleep for approx 15 minutes when Jack comes into the bedroom crying. I let him get in bed with us and try to go back to sleep (and remember I am not a go right to sleep kind of person) in a bed that is not big enough for 3 people.

Finally get to sleep. At 1ish I hear Harrison wake up. He does goes back to sleep on his own, it takes me a little while.

2:30 Harrison wakes up and I know the cry, he's not going back to sleep on his own. I get up and change his diaper and pj's cause he has peed through them again. Fall asleep in the chair with Harrison and wake up at 5 when I hear Cliff's alarm go off. Take Harrison and myself to my bed. As soon as I lay down Harrison wakes up. I get him some milk and he finally goes back to sleep. I go back to sleep eventually.

6 am Harrison has peed through his pj's again onto our bed. Change him and take him back to bed with me where we sleep (me in the wet spot) until Jack wakes us up around 7ish.

If you are keeping track that's 3 diaper and pajama changes and yes, amazingly, Cliff seems to sleep through it all.....


Kathryn said...

Is Harrison drinking a 12 pack or something before bed? That's a lot of peeing. I remember those days . . .they do get better. Except last night Gracie woke up wide awake at 1 AM and wanted toast. 2 pieces, cut into triangles. And then of course at 4 she needed a drink to wash down said toast.

lindemrm said...

Might be worth looking into:


Evidently, you could afford to pay 3times as much per diaper and get a little extra sleep too.

At least you didn't have to leave the house to go into work the next day, aside from the obvious.

Carie said...

Do NOT feel judged :) My older 2 kids both slept with us (and a cat and a St. Bernard and a black lab) until the younger one was 3 - would have made Lee almost 6. Norman finally couldn't take it any more (our bed was just a full size) and banished everyone out - kids to bedroom together and dogs/cat to living room together. Bear sleeps with us most of the time. He lays down in our bed and if he goes to sleep before me, I move him. If not he stays there. Our cocker spaniel and cat sleep with us too....at least we upgraded to a queen sized bed. I have been really thinking that Bear needs to move - to his bed in Greg's room would be great! before the baby gets here in May. So far that doesn't look like it is going to happen. I just hate to fight with them because I like my sleep and can't stand to listen to them scream. Good luck and may sleep find you tonight!

Jenny said...

have you tried huggies overnights? they are pricey but well worth it if they work!!

hncfarley said...

Ok, does Harrison have a super long penis that is slipping outside of the diaper leg??? Can I suggest Huggies Overnights?

Ashley said...

Wow, I'm glad to know Im not the only one! That is horrible!!! I only have Tristan, you have double trouble!! Sunday I literally got an hour of sleep, got up at 1:30 to make the tea that he demaned... not milk? What a night, you deserve a medal!

Jamee said...

girl, get that child a different kind of diaper. Hayden went through this with Luvs at around Harrys age and I ended up switching him to night time diapers till his bladder capacity caught up to his size.
Changing PJs in the middle of the night sucks!!

Jennifer said...

I have had similar nights... except it's sometimes vomit/spit up on the bed instead of pee and I lay a towel over the wet spot. Oh, and I do wake up my husband for help. Apparently I need to look into getting those overnight diapers too. It's crazy waking up with four people in a queen size bed... ahhh the joys of motherhood!

Dawn said...

I read your title on my sidebar and immediately started singing the Klondike Bar theme song.

Anyways, hope you get some sleep soon! Perhaps vacay will be what you need!