Monday, November 2, 2009

Covered Bridge Fest '09

Columbus Day was celebrated this year with a trip to the Covered Bridge Festival. Myself, along with my friends Holly and Jamee had a top notch good old time.

I had not been in a few years. The festival has grown in size since the last time I had visited, but shrunk in quality.

One thing that had not changed was the food. I think that was the real reason we went. The selection was great, but Holly and I both came for one thing............................
The apple dumplin'
(makes you drool just looking at it)
The famous Covered Bridge old school ham and cheese sandwich
these were the only food pics I took, we also had soup in a bread bowl, ham and beans made in a huge iron witches cauldron type thing, and homemade root beer, I wish I would have gotten one of the worlds best pretzel that I was fortunate enough to eat--made by the Amish of course (what is it about those Amish?), but no picture could do it justice, I dream of that pretzel

uh huh
and, we all bought stuff at this stand
I think Jamee got her stuff for 1/2 off and
Holly and I for 50% off

broom corn

I did not buy this shirt.

All in all a fantastic time.
I think it is now a yearly event.
I'm counting the days until I can have another one of those pretzels.

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Lisa said...

I do love food porn.