Monday, November 2, 2009

He's ALIVE!!!!!

Remember our fish? Rocky and the twins Jed and Julie?

Julie passed away a couple of weeks ago and this past weekend we had a close call with Jed.

Friday morning Jed was not moving much at all. He was just pretty much laying at the bottom of the tank. I was fairly certain that it was going to be his last day with us. I was uncertain as to what my options were. I wanted to help Jed. I knew he had not been himself since he had lost his twin. I was pretty sure that the Newton Vet Clinic would not really appreciate a fish related emergency call plus Jed had signed a DNR. He had made his wishes known. No heroic life saving measures. It seemed that another fish funeral was to be held in our bathroom and it was time to pull out the black leotard.

Friday night I checked on Jed before we left to go out for round one of trick or treating. It looked like he was headed to that big fishbowl in the sky.

When we returned from trick or treating and put the royalty to bed, I checked on Jed. It appeared that he had passed away. I told Cliff and he callously told me to flush him. Since Jed was actually Jack's fish (even though I have taken over the care, feeding, and all legal issues regarding the fish) I decided I would remove him from the tank and put him in the freezer so Jack could be around for the funeral/flushing.

I got out the net and attempted to remove Jed who was laying on his side not moving on the bottom of the tank and then a funny thing happened. I got Jed into the net and he moved. JED WAS ALIVE!!!!!! It was a Halloween miracle! I got out a bowl of water and put Jed into it. He started swimming slowly and by the next morning seemed fine. We cleaned the tank (ok, Cliff cleaned it, I am not in charge of that part of their care, I make to many messes while filling the tank with water) and replaced Jed and Rocky.

3 days later Jed is still with us and seems pretty much back to normal. I've learned that Jed's a fighter. I think he's got a lot of swim left in him and I am so glad I'm going to be around to see it. After this, I think the next time I am at Wal-Mart I am going to pick Jed up one of those fish castles. He deserves it.


Sara B. said...

Oh Sarah!!! That is a miracle....I just love your stories!! Loved the Halloween pics. you put on here too!!

Ashley said...

Sarah, two things. Walmart or your local pet store has stress coat which helps your sick fish recover! It gives back all the little things your fish loses while being sick. Also, one of my other favorite pour in and forget it fix-its is called Melafix! They are wonderful, inexpensive, and have saved many fishy lives!