Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Overnighter in French Lick

Last Wednesday the boys and I met Cliff after he got off of work and headed to French Lick to the new hotel with an indoor water park. We had a FANTASTIC time. I gave it two thumbs up. It was only about a 40 minute drive from where Cliff is staying. French Lick is such neat little town. I can't wait to go back.

Besides the water park, the hotel also had a Chuck E. Cheese style game room.

I'm good at skee ball. Really good. Olympic level good.
Most sports that I excel at require a token or a quarter.

This game was as close as any of us will probably get to spinning
the big wheel on the Price is Right.

Deal or No Deal game--F U N

Overall it was just a great time. Prince Harry was just a joy.
Jack had a ball. He can't wait to go back.


lindemrm said...

Wednesdays must be the day to go. Were you guys the only ones there? I see no sign of a crowd at all...

Sarah D said...

There really was no crowd at all. I am sure it is busier through the week, but it was very dead.

TBM Signature Designs said...

I am very excited that you shared this Sarah...been awhile since I checked out your blog...you are born blogger! Thanks for sharing:)