Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flat Jack

At Jack's kindergarten Open House we were sent home with a couple of projects.
One was a page about Jack. A place to put a picture of him, a picture of his family, his birthday, his favorite foods and what he likes to do.
The second assignment was a paper doll that he was to decorate as he saw fit.
The Open House was August 12th. We had until September 3rd to turn in the assignments.
We turned in the info page on September third.
I asked Jack what he wanted to make his paper Jack look like. He was not sure. I gave him a couple of option's--Newton Eagle guy or business suit guy (cause in Jack's spare time he sells insurance). He wisely choose Newton Eagle guy.
Since I don't have a craft room, craft cabinet, craft drawer or craft anything (I DO own a glue gun) we asked my Mom (Jack's Mam who besides all her other craft supplies actually owns a huge plastic tub filled with felt. Just felt. All different colors of felt) if she could assist.
Jack and I went out to Mam's to give his blank paper doll an orange and blue makeover.
Here's the finished project........
Didn't Mom and I do a great job!! ;-)
The paper doll was also due on September 3rd.
He turned it in today. September 7th.
The Mother of the Year committee called this morning.
They said don't even think about it.

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Kaylie said...

i LOVE this. like, a lot.