Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kaylie Sue got married....

My first cousin Kaylie has a special place in my heart.
Maybe it's because growing up I watched her struggle with that awkward Diel girl thing and I totally knew what she was going through.
More likely than not it's probably because of what anyone who is around Kaylie can see. She's a ray of sunshine. A smile always on her face. She's nice, but not TOO nice.
She's grown up now. No longer awkward. She grew into her height and the boobs.
and she fell in love....
Last month Kaylie got married.
Kaylie and Jake's wedding was pretty much perfect.
She was beautiful. Her dress was perfect A french horn played as a choir of their friends serenaded Kaylie and Jake.
I'm not sure if I have ever used this word to describe a person, but Kaylie was BEAMING!
The smile never left her face.
Jack and Harry sporting the matching outfits
that their Mother loves.

Mr. and Mrs.

(another great thing about this wedding, faux mustaches!)

Uncle Pat and Jack enjoyed toasting
(Jack's glass was filled with water--simmer down now!)
Check out Cliff's face!

Gus Bierman getting down with his bad self

pretty Hadley

Kaylie hearts N*SYNC (and really, who does not)
I wish I had captured the entire song because these girls had the choreography down.
It was a great day. My kids had SO much fun. As we were walking to the car that evening Jack said "why did we have to go, I was just getting ready to break a leg!"
Congrats Kaylie!!!
(and Jake)

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Kaylie said...

OH Sarah. Thank you for this!! I love you!!