Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to our OOL

We've all heard it. Don't pee in the pool--"they" put something in the water and it will change colors!

I decided that if this product did exist I needed it. Not that I think we have a big urination problem in our pool, but mainly for the pure novelty.

I went to my good pal Google to see where I could purchase the product that turns pool water red if you pee in it.

This product does not exist!!!

Urban legend.

I guess pee away in any pool. You will not be encircled by a cloud of red.

The ole cement pond.

I suppose I could declare it 100% urine free, but how would I know!?

1 comment:

Kaylie said...

I wouldn't have traded growing up with a pool for anything!! It makes summer so great!