Tuesday, May 25, 2010

yep, it's more Disney pictures

You thought I was done didn't you?

Nope. There are more.

At Walt Disney World they offer a service called Photo Pass. You are given a "credit card" that you present to the Disney Photo Pass photographers who then take your picture. The photo pass photographers are all over all of the parks and our experience with them was great. They would not only take a picture with their camera, but were always willing to take one with our personal camera. They scan your card and then when you get home the pictures are available for you to view online, edit, and add Disney borders etc. You can also purchase the pictures for a very inflated Disney type price. The Walt Disney World machine is super smart. How can anyone resist these pictures (we could not and purchased a cd of all of them)?

Here are a few. I'll share the rest in the days to come.
doo do doo do doo Handy Manny!

Jack prepares to see.....

One of the guys from Little Einsteins!

Family picture at Hollywood Studios

Jack in front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom

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