Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What ya wearing under there?

CVS was so kind and sent me a coupon for Huggies newest product.
Denim diapers.
Yep, just what every baby needs.
"A cool new look just for summer"
Does that mean Harrison can wear just these to the ballpark?
I find them odd.
I'm sure I'll buy some.
I do have a coupon....

Or, I could just get some of these.

Wrangler diaper covers!!


Since we are on the subject of underwear, what about that underwear bomber guy?
I can just imagine that terrorist club meeting.
Bin Laden probably said something like "I hate to even bring this up, but we have these new underwear bombs, I don't even know if they are going to work, anyone wanna try them?"
Then the new guy to the group, wanting to make a good impression volunteers.
Bin Laden looks at him like he must be crazy (and this guy has to know crazy when he sees it) and says "Are you SURE???" In my mind that's how that went down.
Why do these terrorists think the idea of 72 virgins in heaven is such a good thing?
1. Where did they come up with the number 72?
2. Why not make it 72 prostitutes?
"you commit this terrorist act and you got 72 chicks waiting for you that REALLY know what they are doing!" would seem like a better deal to me.
I'm just sayin'
~~~went a little off subject for a minute.

Don't think there is anyway you can hide an underwear bomb in these.

100% organic!!!


Christina said...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning! I needed it! :)

Ashley and Evan said...

1. Those look more like short-shorts instead of denim diapers. I agree, they are weird.

2. No comment

3. I'm at a loss for words. I wonder how many pants with Commandos will end up at the local Goodwill. You better do more than check the label next time you shop there.