Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall 2010

We attempted outdoor Fall decor for the first time this year.
Thanks to Cliff's nephew we were able to obtain some bales of hay/straw. Cliff was totally offended that I did not know the difference between hay and straw. I still don't.
Our good friends Norman and Cinda once again brought us the "great pumpkin".
They sure can grow 'em big.
The non-rain kept us busy watering mums daily.
Jack and his very special horseshoe gourd.

It's the great pumpkin!

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Carie said...

Very pretty! Ours wasn't near as nice, but I am always pleased that I manage to do anything at all. LOL The boys painted pumpkins this year rather than carving. Mine actually looks like a face, the other's not so much.