Friday, December 11, 2009

The big ONE

My little Prince turned one Thanksgiving day.

The morning of his birthday Harrison got his
new battery operated four wheeler.
Now everyone in the family has one except for me ;-(
(I think I will survive)
On Thanksgiving day/Harrison's birthday we (me, Cliff and our boys)
along with my parents and my sister Rebekah and her family
(Michelle and her fam were at Disney World) headed to French Lick
to celebrate Thanksgiving and the little Prince's birthday.....WATER PARK STYLE!!!

We did not forget the cake!

We had a great time at the water park.
I think a new Thanksgiving family tradition was born.

Last Friday night we had Harrison's official birthday party.

A cake fit for a Prince!

check out Harrison and Jack's pictures taken by our friend
and fabulous photog Amber Lindemann

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Amber M said...

Looks like the party was at the good ol' Newton Masonic Lodge? Love that place. Had many parties there and been to many parties there.